The event is organized by SBRAI - Brazilian Society for Electrical Protection.

With the support of:

LRC - Lightning Research Center (UFMG-CEMIG)

LATER- Grounding and Interference Lab.

Federal University of Minas Gerais

INPE - Brazilian National Institute of Space Research

Atmospheric Electricity Group: ELAT


Prof. Silvério Visacro

Dr. Osmar Pinto Jr.


Prof. Alexandre Piantini

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Prof. Silvério Visacro F. (LRC/UFMG - Brazil)
  • Prof. Osmar Pinto Jr. (ELAT/INPE - Brazil)
  • Prof. Maria Helena Murta Vale (LRC/UFMG - Brazil)
  • Prof. Rosilene Nietzsch Dias (CEFET-MG - Brazil)
  • Prof. Miguel de Brito Guimarães N. (CEFET-MG - Brazil)