Ground & LPE develops the traditional approach that considers conference a room to present and discuss the first research results, an opportunity for authors to hear criticisms and contributions to improve and correct their investigations. Also, it consists of an opportunity for the participants to hear original results, though not elaborate, much before their publication in Journals.

With such approach, conferences offer a great contribution for scientific and technologic developments.

In this perspective, the expected regular length of papers in a conference is that of a short paper (4 pages in the template format), though a maximum of 6 pages is acceptable.

In this edition of the Conference, we are introducing a new dynamic procedure for abstract/paper submission and review.

Though deadlines for paper submissions do exist, submissions will be open earlier for both and the review will begin immediately after submission. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of their abstract/paper within 10 and 20 days after submission, respectively.

The idea of this new procedure is to allow authors to plan their participation a long before the event.

The dynamic process stops at the deadlines, which is kept for those who prefer the traditional procedure.

The Conference stimulates authors to submit their full papers as early as possible.

The deadlines are indicated below.

Opening of submissions: October 30, 2017

Abstract: 1 to 2 pages

Full paper: 4 to 6 pages

(download the abstract/paper template here)

Deadline for abstract submission: March 10, 2018.

Deadline for paper submission: April 21, 2018.