Ground & LPE develops a traditional approach that considers a conference a room to present and discuss the first research results, as an opportunity for the authors to hear criticisms and contributions that allow improving and correcting their investigations. Also, it is an opportunity for the participants to hear original results. Even if the results are not elaborate, they are available in the conference much before their publication in Journals. With such an approach, in general the conference offers a great contribution for the scientific and technologic development.

In spite of the on-line format, in general, this edition of the conference preserves this same approach.

There are a few different procedures to follow due specifically to the on-line format that impose certain deadlines to allow efficiently organizing the conference, notably for the registration of authors and participants. In particular, to prevent flaws in the presentations, authors are required to deliver in advance a copy of the MS PPT file with their presentation.

Deadline for registration of authors May 24, 2021
Deadline for registration of other participants May 28, 2021
Deadline for the authors to deliver their presentations May 24, 2021