The GROUND & LPE Conference develops a unique approach intended to contribute to the integration of the scientific and technological researches about Lightning Physics and Effects, Grounding and Lightning Protection.

It provides an opportunity for researchers, engineers, designers and users, from a wide range of Industry and University, to present and discuss the latest scientific results and share their practical experience in this field.

Historical Note

In 1998, the first GROUND Conference took place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Planned as a specific International Conference on Grounding, GROUND'98 included a large number of works addressing Lightning Physics and Protection. After the experiences in the two following editions, the scientific field covered by the event was enlarged and it became the International Conference on Grounding, Lightning Physics and Effects: “GROUND & LPE”.

In the third edition in Rio de Janeiro (2002), this conference was consolidated as the most important international conference on Grounding and one of the most relevant conferences on Lightning. Since then, it has been moving every two years to attractive sites in different regions in Brazil.

GROUND98 - Belo Horizonte GROUND2008 & 3rd LPE - Florianópolis     GROUND2018 & 8th LPE - Pirenópolis    
GROUND2000 - Belo Horizonte GROUND2010 & 4th LPE - Salvador GROUND2020/21 & 9th LPE – Virtual
GROUND2002 - Rio de Janeiro GROUND2012 & 5th LPE - Bonito
GROUND2004 & 1st LPE - Belo Horizonte GROUND2014 & 6th LPE - Manaus
GROUND2006 & 2nd LPE - Maceió GROUND2016 & 7th LPE - Porto de Galinhas

The 13th edition of this Conference will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, as a hybrid event.